Big-Company Response to Coronavirus: Industrial Support in the Works

In this trying time of a pandemic, the economy is plummeting to the ground as supplies become scarce and lives are taken by the Coronavirus. The threat has sent the entire nation into an emergency, has canceled schools across the country, and has forced many state governments to limit their transportation to business-only while in the middle of this crisis. However, whilst amidst this fearful time, while many of the nation’s people have turned to a more primal mindset of “Do what is necessary to survive” many others such as business owners have stepped up to the plate to give back, and those efforts are shown through the many different types of aid they give to the citizens during this time of need.

Since Coronavirus is a sickness that attacks the respiratory system, and mainly the youthful and elderly, there is a sense of urgency to getting help to these immune-weakened citizens in the best way possible. This is often through ventilators as they fall into pneumonia and respiratory failure. However, with the national case count of 9000 and growing, there has been a shortage of this life-saving technology. Thankfully producers are pushing overtime to get as many out as quickly as possible to try and lower the causality rate of this illness. While there is wonderful news, this only helps the sick. What about the families that are desperately trying to keep from falling ill?

Those who have not yet fallen ill to the virus to the point they need that type of assistance, find themselves of food, essential daily items, and cleaning supplies. After news spread about a possible quarantine, everyone who had the funds went out to gather as much as they could to last a couple of months, leaving others without. Thankfully other big-name companies are helping through funding and heavier production of those materials as well.

Will this be enough to help the community rise above this crisis? It’s unclear but it is a start.